For Referring Professionals

We Are Partners

EBS Therapy of New York is a part of the EBS family of services. EBS Children's Institute, our research, training, and treatment organization, is backed by over 30 years of learning and innovation as an extension of EBS Healthcare. With top thought leaders and university partnerships, we design treatment according to evidence-based practice and the specific needs of each child and family. Our vibrant professional community of behavior experts, occupational therapists, psychologists, physical therapists and speech language pathologists will work together with you to provide the highest level of coordinated services.

A Collaborative Approach

EBS Therapy of New York takes a family-centered approach. Lasting growth happens across the various environments in a child’s life. Our therapists understand that when everyone works together to create a place of opportunity, our children will confidently master the attributes and skills they need to meet the challenges of an evolving world.